Moving Bridge & Nesting
Table CNC Machining Center CM-5104

Moving Bridge & Nesting
Table CNC Machining Center



■ Centralized automatic lubrication system.
■ Centralized dust collection control system.
■ Tool automatic compensation system.
■ Automatic backlash preloading mechanism.
■ Heat exchanger cooling electric control box.
■ Two Z axes rise and descend mechanism.
■ High rigidity design.
■ Taiwan PMI ball screw and rail guide.
■ Taiwan YUAN YI CHANG precise spiral rack transmission.
■ Italy HSD auto tool changing high frequency spindle.
■ Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver.
■ Taiwan LIMING planetary type reducer.
■ Taiwan SYNTEC-PC control system.
■ Italy OSAI-PC controller system. (Option

Example Explain

■ Suitable for producing pattern of few amounts and various types.It belongs to economy and heavy duty machining equipment.
■ Design of four spindles moving together, the spacing among the four spindles may be adjusted. Also the four spindles may process same type of work pieces at the same time.
■ Positioning block can do quick material feed in and fee out when using together with movable, adjustable vacuum pad to adsorb work piece.
■ Suitable for processing speakers panel, generator insulation parts, mechanical PE parts, cell phone case, mechanical models, yacht cabinets and panel wood wardrobe.



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